About Us

Next Century Software is a software company founded to develop easy, safe and secure accounting desktop applications for small and medium sized industries. We are now developing from simple accounting software to advanced online project management systems for businesses with more than one branch.

The company was founded in 1998, with the aim to found the first software company of Pakistan for computerizing small and medium sized industries at low cost. We were always trying to be more and more responsive, innovative and constructive.

We are trying to give a new look to IT industry of Pakistan. We are trying to give the best computer accounting and project management solutions for custom businesses.

We want our clients to completely rely on computer solutions and not to bear any office file or document, even for a while.
We are making full efforts to innovate the computer solutions in Pakistan.

We are are now serving over 17 industries across Pakistan through our accounting and project management solutions. Through our solutions we have satisfied a large number of clients.

Where are we?