NCS The Logistic Accounts (Delivery)

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Getting started with NCS Apple Account (simple 12 steps)

  1. To start using NCS Apple Account please play the video “Item Coding (# 1)”. The video will guide you throughout the software for item coding.
  2. After doing ITEM CODING, play the video “Account Coding (# 2)”. This video will provide all the required details for doing account coding in the NCS Apple Account.
  3. In the above steps, you have done all the basic entries in the software, now the software and you are ready to maintain your sales, purchases, stock, bank and party accounts.
  4. When using the software first time, first, you have to record purchase entries. To enter purchases, play video “Purchase Entry (# 3)”.
  5. After recording purchases a can record sales. To record reel sales, play video “Sales Entry (# 4)”.
  6. Well, now its time to recover some money and record payments. To record cash payment/receipt, please play video “Cash Voucher Entry (# 5)”.
  7. To manage bank payments in NCS Apple Account play video, “Bank Voucher Entry (# 6)”.
  8. If you want to select credit and debit account by yourself, you can do so by using journal voucher. To make a journal voucher entry play the video “Journal Voucher Entry (# 7)”.
  9. The boss is here and he wants to take few reports from the software. So, to generate any report from the software kindly play the video “Reports (# 8)”.
  10. Have an entry unposted in their corresonding accounts? To understand and to some maintenance tasks, play the video “Maintenance Tasks (# 9)”.
  11. Well, after all the basics, its time to go some deep. Let’s understand the administration sector of the software. For that, play the video “Admin Task (# 10)”.
  12. This one step is for special cases. In case, your boss wants few of your colleagues be restricted to their only job and not to mess other one’s. The video “User Rights (# 11)” will guide you to set the user rights for specific users.