NCS Booksellers GM

NCS Booksellers General Manager is a complete and professional software for the library supplies. We have fulfilled all the requirements of library supplies. It is easy to use, friendly and sufficient from all point-of-views.

Multi-user working

You can give access to your accountant and manager to maintain your accounting in collaboration with specifically defined access rules for data and tools.
You can even hide purchase costs of products.

Where are you right now!

You can view trial balance of any date, all types of ledger (receivables, payables, expenses etc.) within date range.

Intelligent just like your previous accountant!

With great artificial intelligence NCS Rapid Account automatically tracks faulty entries and it also forces user to enter minimum required information for perfect calculation.

Manages all your books at once

Because of its efficient accounting skills you don’t have to take care of cross (debit/credit) entries. Debit or credit entry posted in any one book will automatically be posted in all other books.

Know what you have to focus on

Keeps tracking of your stock and restricts you from making wrong sales with respect to stock.

Don’t exactly remember the previous rates for a client

With simple but many searching options you can get all the information of previous transactions and deals with certain client.

Can I use NCS BGM (Bookseller’s General Manager) for Urdu bill printing?

The software can print Books Name in Urdu and English. It is a bi lingual system.

Can I assign our own book codes to each book?

Yes, you can assign your own book codes to each book. The system does not accept same book code for more then one book. You can also use the publisher book code to make it easy for future book search.

How can I see the Stock of Book?

The book stock is automatically prepared. When the books are sold then the stock is decrease. when the books are purchase the stock increase. The stock of book can be viewed by publisher, One Book Stock and complete stock.

Can I know the value of my Book Stock.

The value of stock of books is calculated in the stock reports.

Can we maintain agents ledger?

The agents are coded separately. The agents parties are also assigned to agent when entering the bill. The agents ledgers and payments are maintained in separate ledgers. You do not need to record agents transactions separately.

Can I search the book by code?

The books can be search by code.

Can I search the books by partial name (that is to say that I do not remember full name of the book?

Some time you do not remember the complete name of the book the you can use its partial name to search the book. The book can be searched through any one word or combination of more words.

Is the BOOK BARTER system is covered by the NCS BGM (Bookseller’s General Manager)?

The sales and purchase bills can be marked as barter bill. The billing amount for those bills are not claimed from buyer instead you get the books in return.

How can I record the Books if these are returned from buyer?

There is a screen for sale return recording. This screen add this book in stock. It also effects the customer ledger. you can print a credit note for this transaction.

If I returned the books then how can I record it?

There is a screen for purchase return recording. This screen decrease this book from the stock. It also effects the customer ledger. you can print a debit note for this transaction.

Can I issue the books for Zakat or can I give the books as gift?

The Zakat, Gift and other adjustments can be done through stock adjustment screen. Some accounts effects the ledgers also.

How can I adjust the stock if I want to record the wastage of books?

The stock adjustment screen provide you the facility to record the book wastage in a proper way.

Does it maintain the party ledgers?

Yes, It maintains party ledgers. It maintains ledger for debtors and creditors (Payable and receivable ledgers).

Can I e-mail the ledgers (statement) to the customers?

Yes, the ledger can be send to the customer via e-mail. You need to maintain their e-mail id in account coding screen.

Can I see the receivable reports?

You can see the receivables in two ways. One individual ledger of each receivable ledger of clients and the summary of all the clients current balance.

Can I maintain my payable?

Yes, The NCS BGM (Bookseller’s General Manager) Accounts provide you the ease to maintain all your payable. These payable can be seen in detail as individual party ledger or in a summary.

Can I use it on more than one computer?

Yes, You can use it on more then one computer. You need to setup LAN (Local Area Network) for this purpose. Simple windows file sharing will be sufficient to use NCS BGM (Bookseller’s General Manager) on the network.

Is it an online software?

It is not online software.

How can I manage my cash book?

Just record your receipts and payments through cash voucher entry screen and your cash book shall be ready automatically.

If more then one user are working on the same system then can I assign user id and password to different user?

Yes, The user can be assigned a password. There right of use can be assigned as well.

Can I set option of use for each user? I mean can I set user permission for different tasks?

The user rights can be assign to different user according to their job. One use can be given the permission to enter challans only while another user can perform billing. The third use can check cash and bank vouchers.

Can I maintain more then one cash book?

No, You can not maintain more then one cash book. You can maintain only one cash book.

Can I maintain More then one bank book?

NCS BGM (Bookseller’s General Manager) provide you the facility to maintain more then one bank accounts.

Can I record my cash transfer to my bank account?

The cash can be recorded separately. When you deposit the amount in bank then you must enter a voucher of this transfer. This entry shall be entered through cash voucher entry screen.

Can I see my daily cash and credit sales?

Yes, you can see the daily cash and credit sales in two different reports.

Can I maintain the commission of any agent?

The agents reports are maintained in NCS BGM (Bookseller’s General Manager) Software. You do not need to do extra work for these reporting. Just associate the clients with your agents. When you record client entries the agents reporting is also automatically ready.

Can I record my expenses on the daily basis?

What you pay to others is your expense. The expenses are recorded through cash/bank voucher. When you record any expense it is recorded in the client ledger and in the expense ledger. You can enter all your vouchers therefore you can view your ledgers on the daily basis.

How can I learn more about NCS Booksellers GM?

You can view its picture gallery on the NCS website. The snapshots of the software are present there. The operation guide for the software is also available to download. You can download this operation guide and can learn it in more details.

How can I purchase it?

You can purchase it online. Make the payment for the software and get it installed online. Before purchasing the NCS BGM (Bookseller’s General Manager), do read our business terms and condition given on our web site. You can call us for the more information on the numbers given on our web site. The NCS BGM (Bookseller’s General Manager) pricing is also available on the product own page.

NCS Booksellers GM

Payment Amount
One Time Payment PKR 22,000/=
Monthly Payment PKR 750/=

Updated price list on July 16, 2022

The Demo software may install or change the following settings on your computer

  • It may install some of the MS Office components (This installation may take 20-30 minutes)
  • Installs Urdu Fonts
  • Installs Urdu Keyboard
  • Changes the windows date format to DD-MMM-YY, if it was other then that
  • Installs NCS Register Software
  • Installs NCS Apple Accounts software

The disk space shall be required on C: and D: partition. (The software shall not install if there is no D drive on Hard Disk)
NOTE 1-The software Admin password is TEST. 2-The NCS Register Software Shall ask for the PIN Code you may ignore this Message. 3- The complete software installation may take 10-30 minutes depending on the speed of you internet

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