NCS Hisaab Ghari

NCS Hessab Gari is used to maintain the accounting of vehicles. It does all accounting posting automatically. the builtin chart of account make it very very easy for the accountants to understand. We have fulfilled all the requirements of general accounting. It is easy to use, friendly and sufficient from all point-of-views. Beside accounting it also provide summary of different vehicles. The parts inventory and their consumption is also recorded. The fuel consumption of a vehicle and variation in the fuel consumption is also reflect in different reports.

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For Vehicle Rental and Maintenance….

Get everything from one software!

All business day to day information can be fed in this software. After feeding the required information you can get all details of a vehicle from buying to using it. All vehicle related reporting is present in the software. All petrol pumps records and ledgers are maintained in it. All financial accounting is present in this software. Moreover you can request some amendments in the software to suite your needs?

Keep all vehicle information on hand!

The maintenance of vehicle can be tracked in this software. The expenses done on a vehicle in a given period can be viewed.

LAN based software

You can give access to your accountant and manager to maintain your accounting in collaboration with specifically defined access rules for data and tools.
By using the software on network the users can share their work with each other.

Manages all your books at once

Because of its efficient accounting skills you don’t have to take care of cross (debit/credit) entries. Debit or credit entry posted in any one book will automatically be posted in all other books.
The searching of challans and bilties is also very easy. You can perform search by Bilty No, Chalan No, Truck No and Client Name.

Know what you have to focus on

Keep track of your challans which have arrived from other stations. Deliver them easily and promptly. After delivery you can bill them instantly or later on.

No worry if you don’t exactly remember the previous rates for a client

With simple but many bilty searching options you can get all the information of previous transactions and deals with certain client.

Back up your data on Cloud!

You can also check your bilty and chalan online any time anywhere. The search can be done by city, client or booking station.

User Security

You can define rights for each user. This system can be used by five users at one time.

What will I get from this Hessab Gari?

You can maintain your vehicles data in detail. Vehicle performance reports are also there. All accounting up to balance sheet is available in the software.
Can I feed the Heesab Gari (Bachat Report) in this software?

Yes, the format of the Hessab Gari, which is commonly used in this goods transport business, is built in this software. When you feed data in this form it is automatically posted in the respective accounts.
Can I check and tally my accounts with the petrol pumps?

All the petrol pumps records are kept in the ledger format. You can maintain two ledgers of petrol pump one for cash and other for credit purchase. You can maintain petrol pump data combine for cash and credit purchase.
Does it maintain vehicle parts inventory?

Yes, the vehicle parts inventory is maintained in this software. You can check parts history when some part was purchased and consumed in some vehicle.
Does it inform me about the Vehicle Maintenance certificate before time?

Yes, a report can be viewed or printed about all vehicles when their maintenance certificate is due.
Can I get the installment details of a Vehicle?

The installment details of a vehicle are also available. The report shows the total installments paid and the balance installments. A report with the summary for all vehicles is also present.
Can I maintain my Tyre inventory separately?

Separate tyre stock report is present. It shows purchased, consumed and balance quantity of tyres.
Can I check, at any time, about the tyre purchase date and consume date? Can I search it by tyre serial number?

Yes, you can track your tyre purchase and consumption record in one screen. Just type your tyre serial number and get all the information.
Can I maintain my cash book in this software?

Yes, cash book is maintained in the software automatically.
Can I maintain my bank book in this software?

Yes, bank book is maintained in the software automatically.
Can I view all the ledgers of different clients?

Yes, all ledgers of clients with the current balance. A receivable report of all the clients is also available in the software.
Can I see the fuel consumptions of any vehicle?

Fuel consumption is present in the report format which can be viewed and printed. The variation in fuel consumption is also reflected in the report.
Are all financial reports present in this system?

Yes, all ledgers, trial balance, profit loss and balance sheet statements are present in it.
Can I request the modifications in the software to accommodate my business needs?

Yes, you can ask for the amendments in the Hessab Gari.
In which language can we use this software?

You can print bills in two languages:
Do we need a separate keyboard for Urdu typing?

No, you don’t need a separate keyboard for Urdu typing. An Urdu keyboard driver is installed in the computer. This driver works with English keyboard. You can change your keyboard from English to Urdu by using special keys.
Can we view the reports without printing them?

You can view all the reports or bills before printing them.

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One Time Payment PKR 70,000/=
Monthly Payment PKR 4,000/=

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