NCS Packages Business Manager

Does this software generates general sales tax invoices?
Yes, the PBM generates sales tax invoices, these invoices are automatically posted in the party ledgers. The tax calculations also appears in many other reports.

I want to know what kind of entries does it record?
PBM maintains all types of sales purchase, production and accounts records. It also keeps the records of reel, rolls and carton stock.

Does it do accounting for sales tax?
It does all the accounting which is related to our taxation system. In our taxation system the deduction of taxrs is a basic need. Through PBM you can maintain the record of your expected tax deduction. The system generates JV entries automatically when you record receiving of challans or cheques.

Does it do accounting for non-GST sales and purchaes?
It does the accounting for non registered customers also.

Can it calculate carton cost?
Yes, the correct costing can increase your profit. To calculate the cost of a carton you can use the cost calculator.

How can I backup my data?
You can backup your data in the following ways:
Take backup on your flash drive.
Automatically backup your data on your hard disk’s other partition.
Send your data automatically on your internet drives like. Google drive and dropbox.
Send your data as attached via email to your another email account.

Can we use it on network with multiple users? Is there a user login and user right options?
You can use this software on a Local Area Network(LAN). The software can be used on 5 computers simultaneously.

Can I maintain roll inventory(stock) using this software?
You can maintain roll inventory using this software. Rolls are added in the stock when they are purchased. When rolls are used in carton production then they are automatically deducted from the stock.

Can I maintain reel inventory (stock) using this software?
The stock of reel is also maintained by the PBM. Reel stock can be viewed by weight or by size. The reels are added in the stock automatically at the time of purchase. They are deducted from the stock when they are used in roll production or delivered to someone else for further processing.

Can I maintain my expenses and personal drawing using this software?
The factory expenses and personal drawings can be recorded using cash or bank voucher. The expense and personal drawing ledger can be seen separately.

How can I record my carton production in this software?
There is a menu for carton production. Through productoin menu you can record your daily carton production. The carton production is added in the carton stock automatically. The stock is lowered when it is delivered to the clients.

What paper formulas are used in PBM?
All the paper formalus are built-in the PBM when these were required. The gram calculator, tota calculator and sheet weight calculator are present.

Can I see my tax entries in report format?
All the tax entries are automatically recorded in their journals and tax reports. You can view day to day calculations of taxes. The taxes payable or receivables are also reported.

Does PBM maintains record for TAX challans?
The tax Challan receiving can be recorded through TV entry.