NCS Apple Accounts is a software for very simple and general accounting. We have fulfilled all the requirements of general accounting. It is easy to use, friendly and sufficient from all point-of-views. User can now track sales, purchases, stock and ledgers.


Know what you have to focus on

The software is developed keeping the day to day business documentation. It keeps tracking of your stock and restricts you from making wrong sales and accounting.

Don’t exactly remember the previous rates for a client

With simple but many searching options you can get all the information of previous transactions and deals with certain client. The goods either purchased or sold are entered in separate screens.
We all know it begins with a purchase order! Enter a purchase order as soon as you receive it.
The purchase order received from customers are added through this screen. The detail entry of each item is also entered. See the screen shots on the web.

Send impressive delivery chalans to your customers

The delivery chalans are issued against the deliveries. These deliveries are made against purchase orders. Through these delivery chalans the purchase order quantity is also maintained. The delivery chalans can be printed with client purchase order number. The system also checks for excess quantity that the goods cannot be delivered more than the ordered quantity. The GST and NON-GST chalans can be recorded and printed using this software

Never miss a delivery chalan while billing

The GST invoicing and NON-GST invoicing are done through the system. The invoicing is based on delivery chalans. The EPIC also shows the list of unbilled chalans to operator for ease of billing.

Reply your customers with their exact balances or transactions no matter at what time they inquire

The receivable, payable and expense ledgers are automatically prepared by the system. Other ledgers are also prepared like expense ledgers. All ledgers are viewable and printable. You can e-mail the ledgers to the clients if you maintain their e-mail accounts.

Manage all your books of accounts.

The cash voucher, bank voucher and journal voucher can be recorded in the system. These vouchers are posted to the ledgers automatically. The vouchers can be printed also. The bank book and cash book can be viewed and printed. Only one cash book is maintained. Many bank accounts can be maintained.

Printing material consumption control is comprehensive.

The printing machine consumption of paper, ink and plates are also recorded in the software. The inventory of paper and inks is maintained on the basis of purchase and issue of ink and plates.

Be notified before any material finishes.

The stock of paper is maintained. The stock of sheets and packets are maintained separately. When the large sheets are cut into small sheets the stock is also changed. The stock of sheets is increased when the paper is purchased. The stock is decreased when paper is issued for printing. The stock of ink is also maintained. It is automatically updated when purchase and consumption is recorded.

Like always there are much more but we can’t mention every thing here.

More screens and reports are present in the system. Please view other documents and screen shots on this web.

Payment Amount
One Time Payment PKR 22,000/=
Monthly Payment PKR 2000/=

Updated price list on September 4, 2018