NCS Groov

NCS Groov will cover you from all aspects of corrugation. It will keep tracking your stock, job orders, payable and receivables.

Multi-user working

You can give access to your accountant and manager to maintain your accounting in collaboration with specifically defined access rules for data and tools.

Where is your business right now!

You can view trial balance of any date, all types of ledger (receivables, payables, expenses etc.) within date range.
The software can provide you with a balance sheet so that you may surely know your current financial state.

Intelligent just like your previous accountant!

With great artificial intelligence it also forces user to enter minimum required information for perfect calculation.

Manages all your books at once

Because of its efficient accounting skills you don’t have to take care of cross (debit/credit) entries. Debit or credit entry posted in any one book will automatically be posted in all other books.

Know what you have to focus on

Keeps tracking of your stock and restricts you from making wrong sales with respect to stock.

Don’t exactly remember the previous rates for a client

With simple but many searching options you can get all the information of previous transactions and deals with certain client.

Does Groov maintains roll stock (Rolls Inventory)?
Yes, the Groov maintains roll stock. The rolls stock is automatically decreased when it is sold to the clients. When you enter the production of rolls it is added to the stock. The rolls are also added in the stock when it is purchased from other parties.

Does Groov maintain Rell Stock (Reels Inventory)?
Yes, the Groov maintains Reel stock. The reels are added in the reel stock when it is purchased from supplier. At the time of reel purchase each reel is allotted a computer number. This computer number is maintained at the time of sale. The reel stock is decreased when it is used in production. The sold reel is also decreased from stock.

Is the TOTA stock also maintained?
The Tota (Part of Reel) stock is also maintained. The Tota is normally gained during the production. The remaining Tota can be use in the production again or you can sale it to another party. In both cases it is decreased from Tota stock.

Can I maintain party ledgers in this software?
All ledgers are maintained in this software. The receivable, payable and expense ledgers are maintained in the Groov. You can record the payments and receipts of the parties which are shown in the ledger. There are two types of ledgers one is summary ledger and other is detail.

Does it maintain Trial Balance?
Yes it maintains Trial Balance. The trial balance can be seen as a whole (All accounts) or of a group. The trial balance is of six columns and it can be seen of any period.

Does it maintain Profit Loss Statement(Income Statement)?
Yes, It prepares the current Profit Loss statement.

Does it maintain Balance Sheet?
Yes, the current balance sheet is automatically prepared.

Can I rectify old entries?
Yes, old data entry can be edited at any time. For example you can change the sale or purchase rates of the party. These changes are immediately reflected in the ledger and related reports.

Does it calculate paper gram at the time of production?
A The paper gram formulas are also incorporated in the Groov. When the reel is consumed in production its grams are calculated. You need to mention just two things:-
1 Either the reel was used in paper or nail
2 The obtained rolls from this reel

Can I backup data myself?
Making backup is the backbone process of successful computerization. You can make it backup on your own. It is better practice to have more than three backups at one time. You can save its data on intrnetby sending the folders as attachment. A backup utility is also present which can send data to your internet drives like Dropbox etc.

Can I transfer Groov to another computer?
Yes, you can.

Can I use it on network(LAN)?
Yes, You can use this software on LAN (Local Area Network). It runs with the simple network sharing on upto five computers.

I want to print delivery challans and bills directly from computer. Is it possible with Groov?
You can print the delivery chalan and bills directly from the software. The challans and bill size is half of A4 page.

From where can I learn to use this software?
The software manuals and videos are available on this site. You can download them and can learn more about Groov.

Can I email statements/Ledgers to my clients using this software?
You can email the statements to your clients. You will need to configure your e-mail accounts in outlook. You can also configure your e-mail account in the software.

General Troubleshooting Articles

Accounting with NCS Groov

Goto to video’s page to view all the videos.

NCS Groov

Videos are in HD . If you are having trouble in viewing, kindly check your player's settings.


Getting started with NCS Groov (simple 9 steps)

  1. To start using NCS Groov please play the video "Item Coding (# 1)". The video will guide you throughout the software for item coding.
  2. After doing ITEM CODING, play the video "Account Coding (# 2)". This video will provide all the required details for doing account coding in the NCS Groov.
  3. In the above steps, you have done all the basic entries in the software, now the software and you are ready to maintain your sales, purchases, stock, bank and party accounts.
  4. When using the software first time, first, you have to record purchase entries. To enter reel purchases, play video "Reel Purchase (# 3)". To enter roll purchases, play "Roll Purchase (# 4)".
  5. After recording purchases a can record sales. To record reel sales, play video "Reel Sale (# 5)". To record roll sales, play video "Sale Roll (# 6)".
  6. To record production, please play video "Record Production (# 7)".
  7. Well, now its time to recover some money and record payments. To record payments in NCS Groov play video, "Amount Entry (# 8)".
  8. The boss is here and he wants to take few reports from the software. So, to generate any report from the software kindly play the video "Reports (# 9)".
  9. To find any data you have entered in the computer play the video "Searching, Admin Task (# 10)". This video will also guide you in setting up user rights and other administration tasks.
Payment Amount
One Time Payment PKR 25,000/=
Monthly Payment PKR 2,000/=

Updated price list on September 22, 2022

Do not install NCS Demo software on the computer where you are already using the an NCS Software.

The Demo Software and videos may be different from the original software. The videos and demo software are designed to understand the software working.

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The Demo software may install following on your computer
NCS Register Setup
MSAccess runtime

May change your Regional date Format to DD-MMM-YY

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You may join our training program and can get a certificate. This certificate will be acknowledgment of your skill. It will also give you more confidence in using our software products.
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To earn a Certificate you need to do the following:

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  • Watch training videos of the software. Click here
  • Take an exam Goto NCS Training Program Page. Click here
  • After Success in exam - get a certificate.