NCS The Logistic Accounts (Booking)

NCS The Logistic Accounts is a complete and professional software for the logistics industry. We have fulfilled all the requirements of logistics. It is easy to use, friendly and sufficient from all point-of-views. User can now track items in godown, the items to be loaded in truck. It also do accounting for the clients.

Multi-user working

You can give access to your accountant and manager to maintain your accounting in collaboration with specifically defined access rules for data and tools.
You can hide party rates so that it do not appear while preparing bilti.

Where are you right now!

You can view trial balance of any date, all types of ledger (receivables, payables, expenses etc.) within date range.

Intelligent just like your previous accountant!

With great artificial intelligence it automatically calculates bilti amount depending on the nature of bilti either it is cash bilti, to-pay bilti or monthly bilti. The same amount calculations are also fed in chalan.

Manages all your books at once

Because of its efficient accounting skills you don’t have to take care of cross (debit/credit) entries. Debit or credit entry posted in any one book will automatically be posted in all other books.

Know what you have to focus on

Keeps track of your bilti and dispatch. It also keeps the record of master bilti and ‘ba hawala’ bilti.

Don’t exactly remember the previous rates for a client

With simple but many bilti searching options you can get all the information of previous transactions and deals with certain client.

Data on Cloud!

You can also check your bilti and chalan online any time anywhere. The search can be done by city, client or booking station.

Masked (Branded) SMS Notifications!

The system can generate SMS alerts for your customers regarding the booking of their goods. It can also generates the greeting messages for your customers.

In which language can we print bilti?

You can print bilti in two languages:

Can I view bilti online?

Yes, you can view bilties online provided the features are installed. That mean you need to install additional internet plugins which are developed by NCS.

What if I want to use it on more than one station?

You can use it on more than one station. You will need to pay an amount for each station. Monthly service charges may also apply.
These bilties can be viewed on the internet, together or separate.

Does it takes bilti details in challan automatically?

The bilti details in challans are automatically posted. If a bilti is divided in parts then you can enter part bilties in challan.

How the part bilties are entered in the system?

Some large bilties are shipped in parts. You need to create part bilties for each master bilty. You can generate many part bilties.

Can we view the bilties by cities?

The bilties can be viewed by city. You can also search bilties of a day, month or year.

Can we search bilties of one customer?

Yes, bilties of one customer can be searched by date, month, year or city. You can also check that which bilties are shipped to the destination.

Can we search challans of a city?

You can search challan of any city. The search can be narrowed by selecting sender or receiver also.

How can we view the bilties of one sender?

We can view sender bilties from bilty search screen. You can use bilti option to view sender or receiver bilties. You can also filter on city or date.

Can we maintain truck trip expenses and calculate profit?

A truck trip expenses can be maintained. There are two types of trip detail entries screen:
Detail trip expenses entry
Summery trip expenses entry

Can we maintain party rates in the TLA?

Yes, you can maintain party rates in TLA. The party rates are maintained (recorded) on the basis of item type and the city. That is to say that you must maintain rate of a good according to city and package.

Can we email bilties to the clients?

You can email bilties to customers. You can send one bilty to customer or you can send many selected bilties to customers.

Can we send sms to our clients?

Yes, you can send SMS alerts to your customers. These sms alerts can be send using a modem device or internet. Both method have their own costs and utilities.

What is masking? Can we use masking with SMS?

SMS masking is a system in which the company name is send to sms receiver. The masking is provided by all network providers. They also charge extra amount for this service. Beside this they also have the limit of sms per day or per month.

Can we search any particular challan?

Any chalan can be searched by date, truck number or bilti number. You can also search challan by part bilty number.

Do we need a separate keyboard for urdu typing?

No, you don’t need a separate keyboard for urdu typing. An urdu keyboard driver is installed in the computer. This driver works with english keyboard. You can change your keyboard from english to urdu by using special keys.

Can we print labels for cartons and packages?

The labels for cartons and drums can be printed using TLA. The printed labels add extra beauty and value to your work. The TLA automatically determine the quantity of labels on the basis of nug (the pieces).

How long it takes a bilty to appear online?

Normally it takes maximum 50 seconds to appear online. But this time may increase when the network is busy.

Can I print bilti when my internet is down?

Yes, the bilti booking work remains active when internet is down.

Will the bilties issued during the idle internet time will appear on internet automatically?

The TLA keep checking the availability of internet in the background. When it finds the internet working, it starts sending bilti online.

General Troubleshooting Articles

NCS The Logistic Accounts (Booking)

Software One Time Payment Monthly Payment Annual Payment
Head Office PKR 65,000/= PKR 3,000/= -
Booking Office PKR 30,000/= PKR 2,000/= -
** SMS Software PKR 10,000/= - -
Domain+Hosting Charges - - PKR 10,000/=
Online Software PKR 20,000/= - -
We have designed a special package, full of discounts, for you if you have planed to fully avail our services.
Package for Head Office + 1 Booking Office

Software One Time Payment Monthly Payment Annual Payment
Head Office PKR 55,000/= PKR 3,000/= -
Booking Office PKR 15,000/= PKR 2,000/= -
** SMS Software FREE - -
Domain+Hosting Charges - - PKR 10,000/=
Online Software FREE - -

** For SMS Software you have to purchase Branded SMS from your network provider. It will cost you roughly PKR 5,000/month.

Updated price list on July 16, 2022

The Demo software my install or change the following settings on your computer

  • It may install some of the MS Office components (This installation may take 20-30 minutes)
  • Installs Urdu Fonts
  • Installs Urdu Keyboard
  • Changes the windows date format to DD-MMM-YY, if it was other then that
  • Installs NCS Register Software
  • Installs TLA Booking software

The disk space shall be required on C: and D: partition. (The software shall not install if there is no D drive on Hard Disk)
NOTE 1-The software Admin password is TEST. 2-The NCS Register Software Shall ask for the PIN Code you may ignore this Message. 3- The complete software installation may take 10-30 minutes depending on the speed of you internet

Normally installation of TLA(B) automatically determine the installations. But if it does not work properly then check your computer according to the following scenarios.
You must have Windows and MS Office on your computer to be able to use TLA.

Windows 32 Bit (Windows 7 or Windows 10) MS Office 7 32 Bit Complete OR MS Access Runtime 32 Bit
Windows 64 Bit (Windows 7 or Windows 10) MS Office 7 32 Bit
Windows 64 Bit (Windows 7 or Windows 10) MS Office 64 Bit 10, Runtime
Free Download Demo of TLA (Booking)
Download Urdu Font
Download Urdu Phonetic Keyboard


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